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Winters Publishing Group, LLC has more than 50 years combined experience working with writers to help them achieve their dream of being a successful published author.

We’ve represented more than 30 New York Times bestsellers, and have licensed the movie rights to several works under our representation.

Our author clientele have included everything from mega-church pastors and evangelists, NFL sports figures, award winning movie producers, actors, and musicians to housewives, accountants and other people from all walks of life, living all over the world.

Attorney/Agent Thomas J. Winters is one of the few agents to have three author clients featured simultaneously on the New York Times Best Sellers List…TWICE!

Authors represented by our organization have accumulated sales of more than 50 million books and we have negotiated more than $57 million in advances on behalf of our clients.

We maintain relationships with publishers at all levels, from the largest and most prestigious publishing houses in New York, to the smaller houses in Nashville, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, etc…

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    If you have a manuscript or a partial manuscript in a raw or edited format that you would like us to consider …

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    Why choose WPG as a Publisher? Simple—we have the best authors, the most gifted production staff,and we …

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